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Type: Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Model: AAA450mAh
Cell Size: AAA
Nominal voltage: 1.2V
Typical Weight: about 8.3g(ref)
Capacity (20℃, discharge at 0.2Cto ccv=1.0V)
Typical: 450mAh(ref)
Minimum: 430mAh
Charging Instruction:
Charging by Micro usb, it needs 5.5h when full charged at 5v 80mA. When charging, red light is on.
Green light is on when full charged.(charging at the status of no power)
Charge condition(20℃)
Charging Condition: charge at 80mA for5.5h
Fast Charge: 225mA ~ 450mA (0.5C~1C)
‐ᇞV: 5mV /cell
DT/dt: 0.8℃/min (0.5C)
DT/dt: 0.9℃/min (1C)
TCO: 45~55 ℃
/time: charge capacity reach to 105%
nominal capacity/
Trickle charge: 23mA ~45mA (0.05C~0.1C)
Max over‐charge current: 45mA charge for 48hrs

Discharge condition
Discharge cut off voltage: 1.0V
Maximum Discharge Current: 450mA (1C)

Storage Temperature(65±20%RH)
Storage(1year): ‐20℃~25℃
Storage(six month): ‐20℃~35℃
Storage(1 month): ‐20℃~45℃
Storage(7days): ‐20℃~55℃

Operation temperature(65±20%RH)
Discharge: ‐20℃~60℃
Charge: 0℃~55℃
Fast charge: 10℃~45℃
Triklh 0℃~45℃ cheap charger battery