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ZJHM Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve
Product Overview:
ZJHM series pneumatic diaphragm control valve is widely used because of its good stability, simple maintenance, and can be designed to balance to eliminate most of the static imbalance force on the disc, and has a certain damping effect, which can reduce the vibration caused by fluid flow. It can be used in occasions with relatively large pressure difference. You can choose a multi-spring pneumatic film mechanism or an electric actuator.
ZJHM type pneumatic diaphragm control valve is a new generation of universal regulating valve product with small size, light weight, high performance and large capacity. It is widely used in petrochemical, textile and other industries. General fluid media and process conditions are automatic control systems with compact installation space.
The pneumatic regulating valve is composed of a new pneumatic multi-spring diaphragm actuator and a low flow resistance sleeve valve. Features are as follows:
1. Balanced valve core is adopted, the unbalance force is small, the allowable pressure difference is large, and the operation is stable.
2. The valve core guide surface is large, which can improve the oscillation caused by eddy current and impact and reduce damage.
3. It is about 10dB lower than the noise of ordinary single and double seat regulating valve.
4. Simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly maintenance.
Product name: Pneumatic diaphragm control valve
Product model: ZJHM
Nominal diameter: NPS1 / 2 鈥?锝?NPS 8 鈥?DN20-DN200
Pressure range: CLB150 锝?CL600 PN10 锝?PN64
Working temperature: -40 鈩?~ 450 鈩?/p>
Part Material:
Body and bonnet: HT200, ZG230-450, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
Valve core and valve seat: 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Stellite alloy surfacing
Soft-sealed spool: reinforced Teflon
Filler: PTFE, flexible graphite
Bellows: 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Gasket: Rubber asbestos sheet, 10, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, asbestos spiral wound gasket
Membrane cover: A3
Corrugated diaphragm: Polyester fabric reinforced with nitrile rubber
Spring: 60SIMN
Stem and push rod: 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Bushing: 2Cr13Control Valves manufacturers