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LiFePO4 Battery 48V 30Ah Datasheet for Electrical Vehicle
NomInal Capacity30AhCell Size: 40152L-17Ah
Rated Voltage51.2V
16 Series LiFePO4 Cell
Weight鈮?8kg(39.7 lbs)
Battery Dimension ( L*H*W )350*200*185mm锛?13.78*7.9*7.3 In 锛?/td>
Battery SocketSB50AOther Interface Acceptable
PCBPCB for LiFePO4 Cell With Balance, Same Port, 16S 30A
Adapted Motor Power鈮?00WThe Vehicle Motor Power
Charging Cut-Off Voltage58.4VThe Battery Will be Protected Automatically Any Cell Voltage Over Than 3.65V
Discharging End-Off Voltage40VThe Battery Will be Protected Automatically Any Cell Voltage Less Than 2.5V
Operation Temperature RangeCharge Temperature0-45鈩?/td>Standard Charging Temp: 25卤2鈩?/td>
Discharge Temperature-10-55鈩?/td>Standard Discharging Temp: 25卤2鈩?/td>
Storage Temperature0-30鈩?/td>Long Time Storage Temp: 10-30鈩? Recommended )
Standard Discharge Current1C
Max Pulse Discharge Current3CContInuous Dishcarge Time: 10S
Battery Surface Temp: 鈮?5鈩?/td>
Discharge Capacity鈮?0AhRoom Temperature
鈮?5%55鈩? 1C
0鈩? 0.5C, End-Off Voltage 2.5V
鈮?0%-10鈩? 0.5C, End-Off Voltage 2.5V
Standard Charge Current0.2C10-45鈩?/td>
Low Temperature Charge Current0.1C0-10鈩?/td>
Cycle Life鈮?000 Cycles25鈩?1C
Battery House\Customized Acceptable
Adapted Charger58.4V 5A Special Charger for LiFePO4 Batterylow price Power Packs