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Rotary Marking Machine For Plastic
ModelLaser Marking
Laser TypeFiber laser/UV laser
Laser Power10W/20W/30W/50W, UV3W/5W/7W/10W
Q-Switched Frequency Range1kHZ _ 80kHZ
Laser Wavelength1064nm /355nm
Light Quality<1.5M2
Laser Life鈮?~10 Thousand hours
Label Range110mm*110mm(optional)
Optional Engraving Range50*50/70*70/150*150/180*180 (mm)
Marking Depth鈮?.8-1.0mm(Mold steel)
The minimum line width0.01~0.03mm
Minimum Character Height0.1~0.15mm
Repeat Accuracy卤0.001mm
Making Speed鈮?0000~15000mm/s
Power SupplyAC220V/50-60HZ 5A~10A
Machine Power600W~1500W
CoolingAir Cooling/Water Cooling
Features :
Both fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine can mark plastic materials. The laser is used to emit the light source, and after the polarizer system is burned (physical and chemical reaction) on the surface of the product, the required patterns, trademarks and words are left. It is characterized by green environmental protection, good anti-counterfeiting performance, can not be tampered with, and does not involve dangerous chemicals such as ink consumables during use. The UV laser marking machine can also print a pattern with an embossed effect, and the material is not limited by the background color. It can really achieve dark materials, and light-colored materials can be marked.
Application :
Used in plastic buttons, hardware building materials, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, spectacles, watches, jewelry, auto parts, PVC pipes.
Laser marking sample: By air or express
Laser marking machine: By sea
1,Can you print our logo on skateboard ?
Yes, we can customized your logo on skateboard,include laser logo and heat-transfer logo and sticker logo .
2,Can we customize shape and size ?
Yes,we are able to make new mould to reach your required shape and size and concave .
3,How soon can you provide customized samples ?
Usually within 15-30days .
4,What鈥檚 the payment term ?
For sample ,we accept Paypal .
5,Can you do drop shipment ?
Yes ,we can provide the drop shipment service .
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